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Dr. Miguel Goede

Is society 5.0 a network of Smart Cities?


The Society 5.0 concept is young and not yet fully developed. 5.0 wants to move from a society dictated by technology to a society in which technology serves people. What does that look like? There are different views on 5.0. In my presentation, I will share several visions 5.0. I use the scenario that in 2050, 70% of humanity will live in cities.

The Smart City concept is slightly more mature and could provide an approach  to better define the Society 5.0. A smart city is where information technology and the Internet of Things are used to manage and govern the city. Another definition is an urban area where sustainable economic development and high quality of life are created by excelling in these important subjects; economy, mobility, environment, people, quality of life, and government.

Successful smart city projects, regardless of their objectives, help cities get closer to the ultimate goal; improving the overall quality of life. Or as it is called in smart cities terms: 'livability.' That is what the focus is on.

There are six objectives:

1.       efficient services – optimizing the use of public resources and providing a high level of quality of life;

2.       sustainability – growing and developing the city while taking into account the impact on the environment;

3.       mobility – ensuring that residents, commuters and visitors can easily travel within the city. Regardless of the means of transport and whether this is done on foot, by bicycle, car or public transport;

4.       safety and security – improving public safety and security perception in everyday life and during events, as well as being best prepared for emergencies and disasters;

5.       economic growth – attracting businesses, investors, residents and visitors;

6.       city ​​reputation – continuously improving the image and reputation of the city.


The question that is answered is: Is the smart city the Society 5.0?

Dr. Miguel P. Goede is a scientist, strategist, author, radio talk show host, and management consultant, but when you talk to me, you will find out that I am also a trend watcher and a philosopher. My area of research is Good Governance for Sustainable Development of Globalizing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean. My specialty is to coach governments and organizations to adjust to society 5.0. We are direct and practical. I am the founder of the University of Governance 5.0.



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